Protecting Your Rights

I. Take Detailed Notes

People tend to forget the details of their situation over time.  Most cases are won based upon the details.  Clients who keep the best notes and have the best documentation are the ones who receive the best results.  Every time something happens with regard to your situation, note the date, time, persons involved in a brief description of what happened.  Timelines are very useful in explaining your case to a lawyer or a jury.

II. Take Pictures

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”  This is particularly true with regard to real estate and construction disputes.  Before & after pictures can often tell a story that words can’t convey.  Take a few pictures of whatever is going on periodically.  Even if it is with your cell phone.  This is especially true during seasonal changes & changes in the condition of your project.  These pictures can later be sorted out, but if you don’t have them your lawyer will be working at a disadvantage.

III. Communicate Through e-mail

If the person on the other side has e-mail, communicate this way to have a record that anyone can track.  This prevents opponents from changing their story or lying about the facts.  Every time something of any consequence happens, confirm it by e-mail.  e-mail threads can make your case extremely strong and bullet proof.  When you see your lawyer, bring all  of your communications with you.