Supporting Southeastern Wisconsin

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1025 S. Moorland Road Suite 201
Brookfield, WI 53005
Phone: 262-251-5700
Fax: 262-251-4894


Daniel W. Stevens
Rudolph J. Kuss


Kris Clark: Legal Assistant
Marnie Handley: Legal Assistant/Billing
Tracy Chang: Paralegal
Ty Mrioued: Legal Assistant


Mr. Stevens has handled jury trials in 21 counties in Wisconsin, with individual cases in many other counties. However it becomes very time consuming to handle cases a significant distance from Waukesha County. Only a very large case with a good chance of collection would justify handling a case more then one hundred miles from Waukesha County. The counties that Mr. Stevens regularly practices in are as follows: Milwaukee, Racine, Waukesha, Ozaukee, Dodge, Washington, Kenosha, Jefferson and Walworth.

Our Principles

  1. We provide legal services that are affordable to the average homeowner.
  2. Change the law in Wisconsin to offset the favoritism shown to the construction industry.
  3. Increase the average settlement or award a homeowner receives and to expedite what can be a slow, tedious process