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Many homeowners find themselves embroiled in a boundary dispute. Boundary disputes occur when boundary lines, driveways, fences, or other improvements are located on the wrong property. They may be the result of an inaccurate survey, or inappropriate use of the property for a number of years.boundary
Buyers often buy a lot or property believing that their boundaries are in certain locations and later find out that they don’t own property that they believed they purchased. Boundary disputes often require legal intervention to straighten out the situation. People need to know where their boundary lines are, so that when they sell their house they can sell it with a clear conscience.
Sometimes property may be lost through adverse possession or prescriptive easements. This means that if someone is using a piece of property as their own or even driving over it, they may have acquired title to the property or the right to continue to use it in the future. These types of situations can create legal issues which need to be straightened out as soon as possible.

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